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The above quote from David Platt just about sums it up for us!  LOFT 218 only exists because of the grace and love our Heavenly Father has bestowed upon us.  It is all for Him, His Glory, and His love for the least of these.  We feel so fortunate to partner with Him in this venture to serve orphans, widows, trafficking victims, and the oppressed of India.  LOFT is an acronym for Least OF These, and 218 comes from Nehemiah 2:18 in which a group of people were inspired to 'Rise Up and Build' and serve a group of people in need.  This was the book of the Bible Kelly was studying when she felt the call to start this ministry.

There are three principles God made clear for LOFT 218: Our first principle, the heartbeat of our ministry, is the Gospel and church planting are to be number one.  While all the humanitarian efforts and projects we will be doing will be extremely valuable and life-changing for those involved, we can never elevate the humanitarian aspect of this ministry over the power of the Gospel.  There is nothing that will make a greater difference in the lives of the oppressed than Jesus Christ Himself.  This is why our number one strategy for LOFT 218 is to plant our ministry in the geographical area of an Unreached Unengaged People Group to make a deeper impact for the Kingdom.   

Our second principle is one of Generosity.  God has already been pouring out His abundant blessings and provisions on our ministry.  We will be generous in return and desire to give 10% of our funds to help other ministries and to partner with them in Kingdom work.

The third principle is Going.  We desire to partner with churches and organizations by encouraging, facilitating, and/or leading teams to be on mission for God.  With our Indian partners in place, we can help short-term mission teams maximize their gifts in providing them with a missions experience with both Gospel and Humanitarian focuses.  

With these desires in our hearts, we humbly preside over LOFT 218. Please consider partnering with us prayerfully, financially, and personally by going with us to India as we strive to make a difference for Christ!

"We care for orphans not because we are the rescuers, But because we are the Rescued"    ~   David Platt

Founders of LOFT 218

Scott and Kelly Parkison

Scott and Kelly Parkison

​​​Todd and Gwen Lewis

​​​Jeff and Amanda Carroll

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