The above quote from David Platt just about sums it up for us!  LOFT 218 only exists because of the grace and love our Father has bestowed upon us.  It is all for Him, His Glory, and His love for the least of these.  We feel so fortunate to partner with Him in this venture to serve orphans, trafficking victims, and the oppressed of India.  LOFT is an acronym for Least OF These, and 218 comes from Nehemiah 2:18 in which a group of people were inspired to 'Rise Up and Build' and serve a group of people in need.  

Our Belief is that children thrive in a family where there is love, stability, and structure.

Our Hope is that believing families in India will partner with us to offer their homes to provide this life-changing environment and save many orphans.

Our Part is to provide financial and prayer support in order to meet the physical, emotional, educational, and spiritual needs of those we serve.

With these desires in our hearts, we humbly ask that you consider partnering with us by providing financial and prayer support for the "Least ofThese" in India.

"We care for orphans not because we are the rescuers, But because we are the Rescued"    ~   David Platt